10 Feb 2011

A few views of Venice

I was there for the kick off meeting for the EU project I am working on ("Evaluating Economic Policy Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in Europe").

I will put up more on the project in the future, but it's basically a project to measure the impact of instruments (taxes, markets, prices) on water management. I'm in charge of the package for evaluating the size of the impact, positive or negative.

So, back to the fun stuff!
At the airport, bottled water was more expensive than soft drinks
(maybe not the same size but 2,89€ for 0.5 liter is pretty steep!)

It was a dark and stormy night on the canals when we arrived...

A bit sunnier the next day...

Lots of wall space for self-expression

A city of lions :)

And the water wars continue (pro-public water)

Oh solo mio!

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