15 Feb 2011

Anything but water

H/T to RM


  1. Great idea for a video, but didn't the administration propose $100 billion in cuts, rather than $100 million?

  2. @Daniel -- sorry, but I thought that video was an UPDATE on the older version (that I had posted before), but now I see that it IS the older version. Oh well. Now $100 billion would be big, even in a $3.5 trillion budget (damn, I had to go to wikipedia for that number; .gov sites seem to shy away from mentioning the top line!), but it's still only 3% AND I bet that it's not in one year. Politicians seem to like using "cuts over the next five years" in the same way as they say "temporary tax cut" which they intend to be permanent but would look fiscally reckless if their permanent impacts were known...


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