11 Feb 2011

Amsterdam -- Love and Hate

I made this list over the past few months. This site gives a VERY interesting comparison of the difference between the Netherlands and the US (or any other two countries). In the US, people spend 93% more on health care, work 38% more hours per year (very interesting article on why Dutch women don't work longer hours), etc...

Things I love about Amsterdam:
  1. My gym has deadmau5 playing on the PA system
  2. No-fucking-around bike infrastructure
  3. "Moroccans" (mostly)
  4. Skinny streets, buildings, stairs and PEOPLE
  5. Buying pot when you want it and using it where you want it
  6. Water water everywhere, and delicious in the sink
  7. It's not always raining (shhhh, don't tell anyone!)
  8. Bakeries
  9. I can't understand the news
  10. Cheap mobile phones
Things I hate about Amsterdam:
  1. The bike theft mafia ("Yes, you're a nice guy selling me this bike, but can you tell your cousin to stop stealing them?")
  2. Trying to understand traffic lights, and when to ignore them
  3. Scooters in the bike lanes
  4. Dutch who are slaves to rules (and enforcing them on you), no matter the circumstances -- mostly Dutch working for monopolistic agencies, it must be said
H/Ts to SV and AZ


Anonymous said...

David...the first link is not functional for some odd reason.

David Zetland said...

@anon -- Fixed. Sorry!

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