3 Jan 2011

Water Chat with Veolia on water footprinting

A few weeks ago, I had a chat (via skype) with Laurent Auguste (president and CEO, Veolia Water Americas) and Edwin Pinero (chief sustainability officer, Veolia Water North America) about Veolia's water impact index, which improves on water footprinting (previous post) by including local water stress and water quality, i.e.,
In this 40 min water chat [19 MB Mp3], we discuss their index, if such an index can contribute to corporate profitability (or if it's merely greenwashing), whether prices can replace such and index, and many more ideas.

Listen in!

Bottom Line: Veolia's water impact index improves on water footprinting, but both options take a lot of time and money to produce numbers that are hard to use for making decisions. Better to make sure that water prices reflect water scarcity and quality.

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