4 Jan 2011

Two doubles?

Two months ago, I said that I was lucky to have two of my articles published in the same volume of a journal, i.e., two home runs!

Well, it happened again. The The Economics of Peace and Security Journal just published two related articles:

"Intra-organizational conflict: origin and cost [pdf] tells the story of an organization -- the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California -- that suffers from internal conflict. The story is important not just because the organization supplies about half of the urban water in southern California, but because it highlights how conflict can arise and persist inside an organization. The key to understanding this story is the role of institutions (rules and norms), and how institutions may fail to evolve with circumstances."

"How markets can end persistent intraorganizational conflict [pdf] ... examines why internal conflict at MET over water pricing and water allocation persists and what may be done to resolve this conflict and improve the efficiency of water delivery and usage."

These articles capture the main elements of my dissertation in less than 20 total pages. I recommend them to anyone interested in how organizations, bureaucracies and monopolies work -- and fail.

I also recommend the journal to anyone interested in peace, security and conflict. Subscriptions are only $32.

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