11 Jan 2011

Scholarly communication

In a recent podcast, Russ Robert and Peter Boettke discussed Ludwig von Mises (famous for Austrian business cycle theory, among other things). They then compared Mises to Hayak, saying that "Mises was a 19th century economist who communicated via books while Hayek was a 20th century economist who communicated via journal articles." To me, the next step is obvious: 21st century economists communicate via blogs.

That said, I use books, articles, blog posts, op/eds, emails, twitter, audio, video and live conversation to get the message across -- there's nothing wrong with using as many channels as possible.

(Posted @ 11:11 on 11 Jan 2011 :)

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W.E. Heasley said...

Listened to EconTalk this morning. Russ Roberts and Bruce Caldwell of Duke University
have a grand discussion regarding Hayek. One should listen and about 90% way through note the reference to “journal articles” and more fully understanding Hayek.

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