13 Jan 2011

Poll Results -- Cha cha cha changes!

Hey! There's a new poll (leaving on an airplane) on the right  ------>
In 2010, I changed...
someone else's opinion on an important matter 10%4
my own opinion on an important matter 19%8
both 60%25
neither 12%5

Very interesting results! I wonder what kind of examples you had that were so memorable. Further, I wonder if you always know when you change someone's mind? Surely not.

Bottom Line: As social animals, we are only successful when we can interact and affect each other.

1 comment:

  1. If I did not change someone's mind, they lied to make me feel good.

    As to your next poll, re: moving, having done that... I would say that it depends on what you have to store. e.g. I stored a Steinway grand piano in climate controlled storage. It also depends on who is paying the bill. Since my company paid, I stored much more than I would have if I had paid. Those comments are not possible on your poll.


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