10 Jan 2011

Monday funnies

Got your iPad yet?

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  1. "And where can I find Book?" "Well, you can buy them using your computer and have them delivered to your home or place of business, or you can go to our new outlets called 'Book Store' and there may already be Store near your home!" "Well, what is the advantage of Book Store?" "At a Book Store, you can find many Book! You can look at all the pages of Book before you decide to buy it! You can drink Coffee while you browse and read Book! And there are many, many Book to choose from!" "Oh, my goodness, there are so many Book! Are they rated with numbers or star thingies and reader reviews? How shall I choose the Book for me?"

    And just wait till they get to Library. "Book for free? Really?" "Yes, but you will have to give Book back..."


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