27 Jan 2011

IID's general manager is "separating"

...from the irrigation district (the largest agricultural water user in California) that he led for three years. Did he jump or was he pushed? Why?


Anonymous said...

I have a few theories. One is that no GM can get anything accomplished under the direction of a board that is as dysfunctional and full of infighting as this one, and when nothing gets accomplished, guess who gets blamed... (of course, I'm not sure I would mind getting blamed ALL that much if it came with a $77,000 bronze parachute.) The fact that he lasted 3 years is pretty amazing.

The other theory is that he had been starting to play a game with the board lately where things would get selectively left off meeting agendas (which means that no formal action can be taken on the matter since it was not agendized). That didn't win him many friends on the board. I'm not sure what his ultimate purpose was, but I think that the only way anyone in IID's upper management can actually get anything done is to figure out a way to go around the board. There are a few exceptions, but not many. In this case, I really don't know if he was doing this to get things accomplished or if he was covering his backside, or if he had some other purpose.

Anonymous said...


"The decision to let Doctor Brian Brady go as General Manager was no surprise. The surprise was that it was a unanimous vote..."

Anonymous said...


Brady "neglected to inform the board of some critical expenditures, says one board director."

Anonymous said...

If you have ever been to an IID Board meeting, they are "different" to say the least. The audience and directors converse regularly. This same system applies to the directors and staff of the organization. Dr. Brady tried to make changes to conform to the way others operate not realizing that, good or bad, thats the way things are in the IV. The Board disagreed.

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