1 Jan 2011

Flashback: 26 Dec -- 1 Jan 2010

Happy New Year! Here are some old posts that still have legs...

In 2009, "the right thing" has been discarded in favor of "the expedient thing." Ditto 2010.

Remember that The Salton Sea is NOT natural.

The Delta Conveyance (DWR shouldn't run it; Delta farmers are doomed, etc.)

BEST: In 2010, "the number one change that I would promote and hope for is a massive increase in transparency, civic debate, and voting action." Well, we got involuntary transparency (wikileaks), Right-Left stupid (Glenn Beck vs. HuffPo, but I have to fault Beck there), and the Republican resurgence/Tea party. 0.4 + 0.2 + 0.7 = 1.3 out of 3.0. (Yes, I'm happy to be in Amsterdam :)

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