8 Jan 2011

Flashback: 2 -- 8 Jan

These posts are a year old, but the message endures...

BEST: Privatization of water is GOOD -- in which I slap down some weak claims that it is not. See if you agree.

Elephants on their desks -- SoCal and Vegas want more supply; what about reducing demand?

BEST: Corruption in Context -- a good overview of corruption in water infrastructure. Speaking of that, Travelblog: Jakarta -- what "fail" looks like in the developing world.

Why isn't this a law? Shouldn't the Congress be subject to all the legal restrictions that they impose on citizens? I sure hope that the new Republicans do their bit to maximize accountability. (I just read that the Brazilian congress gave itself a 62% raise, so this is an international problem.) The original post got 21 comments, so people do have something to say.

BEST: Priests and Programmers -- The Review -- a great book on local irrigation management in Bali.

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