22 Jan 2011

Flashback: 16 -- 22 Jan

One year old, but still interesting...

Net loss pork -- a quick analysis showing how San Diego (for example) loses from earmarks that are supposed to help San Diego. OTOH, San Diego is quite good at wasting its own money, e.g., $75,000 water cops

Climate Debt -- do rich countries owe poor countries for past pollution? I say yes, and China still claims yes (from a conversation I had recently).

Real Estate and the 4th World -- some thoughts on why people feel so bad when their house value falls.

The Disaster in Haiti -- not much information in that post about the earthquake that killed over 300,000. What's strange is that the headline is still current. There have been a few more disasters recently (rigged election, floods, cholera). Corruption and poor governance is a curse that will not quit.

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