13 Jan 2011

Bleg: CA Integrated Water Resource Management

TS asks:
I am taking a grad course this semester on planning for water resource management...

In terms of California (a state riddled with water management and planning challenges), are there any readings you recommend? Do you think California would be a good case study to discuss in terms of the lack of IWRM?
Anyone? Anyone? Buhler?


Anonymous said...

I’d direct TS toward the CA water plan


as a start... I know lots of talk... questionable actions to date.

The 2009 update is the first to acknowledge salinity as a separate section, which ties in how important IRWMP will be in the future to not only address water quantities but also quality (although quality doesn’t matter if it’s gone J... it only matters, and governs, if we want to be truly sustainable)

daniel said...

Here is a link to the syllabus of a graduate course on water policy at UCSB: http://www.bren.ucsb.edu/academics/courses/225/syllabus/225_syllabus_Wilkinson.pdf

Not necessarily on IWRM, but it may be useful.

Tim said...

Thanks for these links.

Damian said...

Here is Michael Hanemann's reading list from the Economics of Water Resources

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