4 Jan 2011

Bleg: Carlsbad water consumption?

I spent 2 hrs trying to get an idea of per capita residential water consumption there.

Can anyone help with a number from a published source (annual report, etc.)?

Oceanside would do as well.

Bottom Line: We really need to get better data on water use!


Anonymous said...

David, I would check with the San Diego Water Authority. I think they have consumption and probably population.

Francis said...

Here is the Carlsbad MWD Urban Water Management Plan. It took me about 45 seconds to run the Google search, find the correct document and open it to verify it was what I was looking for.

There's lots of good data on water use in UWMPs. (Once again, DZ, I urge you to learn a little more about the laws governing water use in CA. You should have known of the existence of UWMPs.)

David Zetland said...

@Anon -- thanks

@Francis --
(1) Of course I know about UWMPs. The 2005 report is out of date, does NOT have residential gcd stats (yes, I can divide like you), so I just need to ASSUME that the numbers will work.
(2) You can stop asserting what I know and don't know, because you're 0 for 4.
(3) Thanks anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Carlsbad filed annual reports with the CUWCC in 2007 and 2008, but it looks like those reports are no longer published on the CUWCC website.

To single-family residences, I have that they delivered 9,999 AF in 2007 to 23,124 accounts (with a total service area population of 86,188). And 10,035 AF in 2008 to 22,961 accounts (with a service area population of 88,239).


Anonymous said...

Quick follow-up -- total deliveries of 24,110 AF to 26,685 accounts of all types in 2007, and 23,787 AF to 26,961 accounts of all types in 2008.

David Zetland said...

@Anon -- thanks. That's 386 lcd for SFRs and 912 lcd "for all uses" in Carlsbad. Can you email me the 2008 UWMP? Thanks!

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