25 Jan 2011

Anything but water

  • Damn: "A university degree has never been more essential for securing good employment. Graduates earn 54% more on average than those who never graduated, yet only a quarter of Americans between 25 and 34 have a bachelor’s degree. Nearly half of the 3m people who enroll in university in America drop out within six years (among wealthy countries, only Italy has a worse rate)."

  • Art Carden says scrap the TSA and Department of Homeland Security and start over. Bravo.

  • (via RM) Should economists disclose their conflicts of interest? Yes. (I list consulting clients on my CV [pdf].)

  • Find out when to wake up if you go to bed now (not so good for jetlag :)

  • In Norway, Start-ups Say Ja to Socialism. Why are entrepreneurs willing to pay half their income in taxes? Because they agree with the mix of public services. Americans are not united on invading countries or funding healthcare. I only get 63% of my gross pay in the Netherlands (health insurance and sales taxes are extra), but I prefer to pay 37% in the NL than I am paying 21% in the US.

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stickman said...

Interesting article about Norwegian entrepreneurs. I spent just under two years living there recently and would note that the conception in other countries of what constitutes "Scandinavian Socialism" is often so misguided as to be all but useless. I've been hoping to write a little piece on some of my experiences there - not all that I agree with - but will say that the Norwegian system largely works for them, because they buy into it... and, of course, their public sector works very well for the most part.

To provide an example, I was struck by the fact that you can freely view the full salary and tax contributions of any and every Norwegian citizen (your neighbor, priest, date for next Friday night... even members of the Royal family) on the Tax Authorities websites. You can only imagine the cries of "privacy invasion!" if you tried to implement that kind of system in other parts of the world and yet it appears perfectly consistent with the Norwegian view of how a transparent and fair society should be run.

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