21 Jan 2011

Advice from a 40 year old man to the 20 year olds

From ever-awesome Reddit:
  1. Just because an employer wants you to be loyal, does not mean that they will be loyal to you.

  2. People lie, a lot.

  3. If you wondering about the motivations of others you are detecting deception, more often than not.

  4. Never date a woman who cares about the looks of men or about what you drive.

  5. Never fall in love with a woman you can't have a conversation with.

  6. If you are trying to make a decision about someone's character, watch them make a tough decision.

  7. Never, ever lend friends money. Give it or don't give it.

  8. You are responsible for your own success and career. No one will make it for you. Anyone who wants you to believe differently is exploiting you for professional gain.

  9. Anyone who is advocating a belief system to you is not your friend.

  10. Most people who are trying to convince you of something are many times trying to convince themselves.

  11. People are weak but always plan to be strong. Always assume this first.

  12. Do whatever you can to keep money from being a major influence in your life. It will control you. It allows others to control you.

  13. Don't worry about the meaning of life. The meaning is to wonder, live and find something you love more than yourself.

  14. Chasing sex is a waste of time. It is wayyyy overrated. Don't let your hormones rule you.

  15. If you don't know who you are, you are attracted to the wrong mate.

  16. How you handle risk and pressure will determine most of your life's outcomes and rewards.

  17. Dreams are made in bold strokes but lost in shades.

  18. Never expect a conservative thinker will ever invest money in anything for any reason.

  19. Everyone has a wound they are trying to heal whether they realize it or not.

  20. Nothing anyone else ever does is about you. It is about them and only them, no matter what they say do.


Mike Kole said...

Advice from one 40 (or so. ha!) yr old to another: The 20 yr old won't read this until he's 35. It's great stuff, tho.

Four Mound Farm said...

My advice to 20 year olds: Stay in school and major in engineering or sciences--the harder the better. Bio chem, Metallurgy, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, ANY Engineering will get you a job with a BS degree if you know your stuff. If not Science, business or urban planning have some worth still. So many of these kids want to be artists and writers and end up living at home with mom and dad until their 40. GAHHH!

CRG said...

Read #1 every day and commit it to memory. Don't hold it against your employer or become bitter, just know that you should never give up your personal life for a job, because your job won't return the favor. Do your best in everything you do, including your work for your employer. But do it because YOU want to be proud of the work you do, not because you are expecting their loyalty in exchange.

I disagree with #9. Everyone is peddling a belief system of some sort on some level. If a "friend" is trying to pressure you into their belief system, run. But if they are opening a discussion that you can both learn from, participate and learn.

And I have two that I'd add:

A) The people who are most suspicious that everyone else is a cheat (or thief or whatever) are typically cheats (or thieves or ...).

B) In your job, do what you believe is the right thing to do and what you believe is in the best interest of the organization, even if it means going against your supervisor. You can go home with a clear conscience, and the people who are really in charge will typically recognize that you are acting in their best interest. If they don't, they are not people you want to work for anyway.

P.S. Hey Four Mound, what's so bad about us writers and artists? (;->

Anonymous said...

My advice to Four Mound Farm is that any 40 year old who gives career advice to 20 year olds is either a fortune teller or psychic because these are the only two skills that can predict the occupational structure in 20 years time.

cgermeroth9 said...

maybe they are the clever ones living at home for free. but also maybe you shouldn't have encouraged them to do whatever makes them happy if you didn't want to help them in the long run. If your kids are happy then you did a great job no matter where they are. Hopefully they will miss you before you miss them in the end. (side note "their" should be they're in your last sentence)

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