13 Dec 2010

Water is heavy

Watch the roof of the Metrodome (Minneapolis, MN) collapse:


  1. Yeah--awesome video, wonder who saw the problem emerging and thought to set up a camera to capture the collapse. Strange thing is, it's a DOME! Engineered to transfer forces laterally, withstand vertical pressure, all that stuff. The structural engineer needs a defense lawyer, and soon...

  2. The Metrodome is an air supported structure. The inside air pressure is a smalll amount above the outside pressure. Because of this the roof does not behave like a traditional dome, transfering vertical pressures laterallly.

    That said, the snow event was well within building code limits. The dome also has a history of collapses, mostly in its early years.

    The roof fabric is nearing its projected life, and replacement of the roof was apparently normal scheduled maintenance costs.


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