10 Dec 2010

Visualizing water in California

Nathan Weyland is doing a photo project on water in California. His site says:
Two thirds of the state is a desert, transformed into an agriculture Eden and urban playground by the greatest public engineering works, in scale and number, the world has seen. Consequences of our massive remaking of the landscape include: A stable, domestic food supply, a vast agricultural economy, damned streams, depleted fisheries, and endangered species. This essay, which is still in progress, looks to capture this duality and provide a visual portrait of the various entrenched interests.
He's asking for two things:
  1. Do you have any photo ideas or locations that he should shoot? Comment or email him.
  2. Do you have data or background on any of the photos below that will give them life?

(1) A tree rises from Indian Valley Reservoir. Lake County CA

(2) Pump along Feather River levee. Yuba County, CA.

(3) Food donations. Fresno County, CA.

(4) Gene Gleeson (ABC7 News in Los Angeles) does a stand-up at the Owens Dry Lake.

(5) Salmon in "mobile aquarium." Oroville, CA