9 Dec 2010

Users should pay

ITT (an infrastructure company) reports "that a majority of the American public wants a reform to the nation’s aging infrastructure..." 80 percent say the government should spend more money on infrastructure (with ITT!) but only 60 percent say that they are willing to pay more (the other 20% want others to pay, I reckon).

Hey folks! You want more water infrastructure? You gotta pay for it!

California water users, meanwhile, are protesting the SWRCB fee on water permits. They say that it's a tax subject to legislative approval; SWRCB says it's a fee "for free water."

Hey folks! It's free water. Pay the fee!

Better yet, pay back all past fees to users, take back the rights, and auction them to the highest bidders. Time to raise some money for this valuable resource to (1) ensure that it goes to valuable uses and (2) raise revenue for our bankrupt government.

Bottom Line: People are willing to pay for valuable water, so charge them. Don't use other people's money to cover costs or give it away for free!