3 Dec 2010

They've got crazy down-under too

RM sent me the "whores" statement below from the flat-earthers in Australia (in response to this post on the Murray Darling plan). He gave this introduction to the The Citizens Electoral Council of Australia describes themselves in this way:
As does Mr. LaRouche, the CEC represents the Judeo-Christian-Islamic view that all human beings are created in the living image of God the Creator, and are therefore endowed with creative reason, unlike any other species. This "divine spark" of reason common to all mankind, means that there is only one race -- ­the human race -- contrary to the racist premises of multiculturalism. Since all men and women are created equal, they are thus sovereign individuals under natural law, and the sacred duty of governments is to foster the common good­: the economic and social conditions under which each and every individual may flourish, and therefore contribute to the good of his or her nation, and to mankind as a whole.

Isherwood: “These aren’t scientists, these are whores!”

The more than 50 “scientists” who yesterday demanded that irrigated food production in the Murray-Darling Basin be wiped out by stripping farmers of 7,600 gigalitres of water per year are whores for the British Crown-centred financial oligarchy, Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood declared today.

“These whores are using science degrees as a cover, to push the British Crown’s radical green agenda to smash Australia’s food bowl to forcibly reduce Australia’s population,” he said. “Well, a whore with a science degree is still a whore.

“This entire scam has been run from top to bottom by Prince Philip’s World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) through the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists. From John Howard’s National Water Initiative, to his National Water Commission, to Malcolm Turnbull’s Water Act 2007, and to its resulting Murray-Darling Basin Authority and the MDBA’s Guide to the proposed Basin Plan, the WWF’s Wentworth Group directed it every step of the way.”

Mr Isherwood continued, “The so-called ‘science’ cited by these quacks amounts to pathological predeterminations, based on outright lies such as global warming and the blatantly discredited claim that Australia will be in permanent drought.

“They seek to slash the surface water available for farmers to grow our food from 13,680 gigalitres, or 42 per cent of the total water inflow in the system, to 6,080 gigalitres, just 19 per cent of the total, so that the already 58 per cent of total surface water in the Basin that is untouched, is increased to 81 per cent. In other words, one of the best-developed food bowls in the world will be forced to leave 81 per cent of the water to evaporation, to swamps, and to flow out to sea, while productive land lies fallow!

“They want to wind back the clock by 70 years to the irrigation extraction levels of 1940—before the Snowy Mountains Scheme was even started!”

He concluded, “The Murray-Darling Basin is a marvel of economic development. One of the biggest drainage basins in the world, it is also one of the driest, but it has been transformed into a food bowl that can feed between 60 and 80 million people in Australia and around the world.

“It is precisely because it is such a triumph that the Wentworth Group is gunning to destroy it, because they were formed by the WWF to target and crush the very idea of development—specifically in an hysterical reaction to the CEC’s February 2002 ‘Infrastructure Road to Recovery’ report and its centrepiece of 18 large-scale water diversion projects, which provoked the WWF to start the Wentworth Group in November of that year.

“Of course, the Basin isn’t perfect and it has problems, but those are all solvable by human creativity. However, it is the government’s responsibility to manage the Basin as a food-growing resource on behalf of the people of Australia, and not hand it over to be destroyed by City of London financial interests and their ‘green’ mafia whose repeatedly-stated agenda is to depopulate Australia.”
Bottom Line: Name calling and paranoid hysteria may be fun, but it does nothing to engage the facts or present a legitimate opposition to your opponents. CEC scores an own-goal!