30 Dec 2010

Speed blogging

How often do you hear this from a regulator (?): "The present system of regulating the UK water industry has become too bureaucratic to work effectively, while companies will need to raise further equity in future, Ofwat told investors and analysts at its City briefing on 8th December." Win!

Nice wikipedia entry on Spragg Bags (for transporting water on the ocean).

101 ways to save water in college: typical suggestions, including shower with a friend.

Rob Harmon talks about ecosystem services (via water purchases) at TEDx.

Santa Cruz goes fascist on heavy water users (" violators face everything from disconnected service to $600 fines to 30 days in jail"). Reminds me of San Diego's waste-of-money command and controllers.

H/T to MD

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Praveena Sridhar said...

TEDx talk by Rob Harmon is a great share. Thanks!

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