23 Dec 2010

The river runs dry

At the business and water conference, Julie van der Bliek of the International Water Management Institute gave a fascinating talk on the Jordan River's death by a thousand diversions. Her slides [pdf] show how flows in an out of the Jordan started like this:
...and then ended up being like this:

Her talk was drawn from Van Aken, M.; Molle, Francois; Venot, Jean-Philippe. 2009. "Squeezed dry: the historical trajectory of the Lower Jordan River Basin" in Molle, Francois.; Wester, P. (Eds.). River basin trajectories: societies, environments and development [pdf]. Wallingford, UK: CABI; Colombo, Sri Lanka: IWMI. pp.20-46, but the images came from this paper [PDF]

Bottom Line: At some point, water flows are more about accounting than nature.

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