22 Dec 2010

Poll results -- your view on your life

Hey! There's a new poll (changing your mind) on the sidebar ---->
In the past year, my quality of life -- compared to others in my family, community and country...
...has been better than average 56%58
...has been about average 16%16
...has been worse than average 28%29
103 votes total

It's hard to pose an objective version of this question, since self-evaluations are fundamentally subjective and irreconcilable among people, but it's interesting to know why people rate themselves better/same/worse than the average of people around them. I, for example, feel that my quality of life has been better than average because I've been able to work and travel -- without money or health problems -- at the same time as I enjoy a lovely relationship with Anne.

Does anyone care to share why they answered this poll (or would answer it) the way they did? And does your answer have any impact on how you will live your life in 2011?

Bottom Line: Happiness is a state of mind.


Wainstead said...

Likewise, 2010 was the year I sold my possessions, bought a new car, and drove across America and back. I have lived a dream I've had for the last 10 years of moving around the country while working remotely (I'm a computer programmer). I met a wonderful woman in Las Vegas and things are going great.

Anonymous said...

First, let me point out something I'm sure you are already aware of, but haven't explicitly acknowledged: Sample bias. Your readers, and more importantly the subset who participate in the polls, are very likely doing better than the general population. Therefore it is unsurprising that their self-monitored happiness is better than average.

Many of the people in my family and community are made unhappy by politics and by the relentlessly bad news. I choose to enjoy the life I have, which isn't hard since it's pretty damn good - there's money in the bank and food in the field, and I have the world's best neighbors.

Anonymous said...

p.s. My bottom line: Happiness is a choice. (Many people seem to choose unhappiness, without being aware they have done so.)

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