11 Dec 2010

Flashback: 5 -- 11 Dec

Enjoy a few posts from a year ago that are too good to forget...

BEST: Global issues: Climategate: A PR Disaster yes, but only for people that did not believe in it anyway, which leads us to... The global water crisis is a self-inflicted wound, but failure in Copenhagen was inflicted by the US and China. Any progress in Cancun?

Conflict over water or water as a weapon? The latter.

BEST: Grades don't matter. Really. Tom Birmingham of Westlands -- 5 hrs of audio discussion with him.

Prius vs. BMW -- BMW still winning...

BEST: Blowing smoke up our tunnel? Would the Peripheral Tunnel only cost $11 billion? Speaking of infrastructure, Carlsbad's perfect storm of incompetence? Don't trust these guys with spending your money on a desal plant.

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