18 Dec 2010

Flashback: 12 -- 18 Dec

These posts are still relevant. Have a read. Have a cuppa tea.

BEST: Blowing smoke up our tunnel? DWR estimates that the Peripheral Tunnel will cost $10.6 billion. One year later and it's $13 billion? I thought we were facing DEFLATION! Along the same lines, read PPIC's pro-peripheral propaganda.

Chronicle of a Death Foretold -- Are farmers still overdrafting in the California's Central Valley or is the rain replenishing aquifers in time? Maybe they are reading Water and the California Dream?, an excellent book on how we've abused water in California (crops and subdivisions trump creeks).

The Master Plan -- I was thinking of dropping out or running for Congress. Instead, I am living in Amsterdam. Not a bad plan B. Oh, and I have a new job. Stay tuned :)

BEST: Liquid Assets -- The Review -- I've cited this book on water in the Middle East many times in the last year. There will be a post on the (ab)use of the Jordan River next week.

BEST: It's what you say, not who you are -- Criticism of an idea is not the same as criticism of a person. Along similar, but not identical lines, I have a few thoughts for people living on the edge, spending 103% of their income.

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