1 Dec 2010

Fiji water blinks

After stating that the US$0.08 per liter tax was "untenable" and closing down their plant, Fiji Water came back to the table after the Government of Fiji (a dictatorship, yes) started talking to other companies about operating the closed bottling plant. Fiji Water now says that they will pay the tax, which is 45x more than they had been paying.

Bottom Line: Hollywood won't dry out after all.


  1. "after an initial tax holiday, Fiji Water has paid less than $500,000 in total corporate taxes in the past two years, while getting VAT (value added tax) refunds of $2 - 2.6 million from the government as an export business."
    THis from the government, but it still stinks, and makes me feel bad for the Fijians who actually subsidize their water export so it will provide a few jobs. If anyone knows the whole financial picture that would be interesting.

  2. And frankly Fiji Water is still paying too little.

  3. I'd also like to hear the full story. It sounds like the typical story of a wealthy multinational company pillaging a poor country's resources.


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