9 Dec 2010

Comment on the UN's water development report!

United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR4) is open for public comment here.

The WWDR4, which will be launched in March 2012 during the 6th World Water Forum, consists of 3 modules: Module 1 addresses the current status and possible futures of the water resources, Module 2 covers the overarching theme of the Report, “managing water under conditions of uncertainty and risk and Module 3 constitutes the knowledge base and includes regional and thematic reports as well as indicators and data. Module 3, prepared by UN agencies making up UN-Water, won’t be subject to public consultation (see the structure of the Report).

We would appreciate your reviewing at least those sections of the report of most interest to you. Please draw to our attention any errors of fact and indicate areas that you feel should be strengthened. We welcome contributions to the report in the form of text or boxes that reinforce the messages or provide examples of good practice. Please indicate in your response what you could contribute.