2 Dec 2010

Bleg: GDP on water

WB emails:
I would like to get some statistics regarding world GDP on land, and world GDP on bodies of water (oceans, rivers, lakes, swamps, etc).

By this, I mean anything earned, created, on water versus anything earned, created, on land. Water is 71% of the earth's surface, land, 29%. My expectation is that 1-2% of GDP comes from water, the rest from land. So, I would include not only fishing, shipping, in the oceans, but, also on rivers, lakes, etc. Certainly, oil taken from under the seas. What about tourism to beach cities created by land based hotels? Well, I suppose those benefits should be split among land and water.

Can you please steer me in the direction of any research that has been done on that question?
If you have ideas, opinions or sources, please leave them in the comments.


  1. okay i fear i may be brining up a touchy subject but on the pacific institute's world's water site there is some data for you there.

    under "the world's water 2006-2007 data" table 18 is the US water industry revenue for 2003 and growth 2004-2006.

    also i would assume that your world GDP on bodies of water would also include hydroelectric capacity/production, right? there is some 1996 data on that on the pacific institute's site as well.

    i might also work with the EPA's compliance and enforcement annual results charts.

    good luck!!!!

  2. http://www.nature.org/magazine/winter2010/features/art32763.html



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