31 Dec 2010

Anything but water

Thanks everyone for making it quite an interesting 2010. I hope that you will continue to enjoy aguanomics -- the best blog that money can't buy -- in 2011. Cheers!
  • Irrelevant academics: "The ubiquity of networks in our social lives has long been recognized, and their importance in our economic lives is increasingly recognized as well. Yet the literature synthesized in Matthew O. Jackson's Social and Economic Networks, which covers the theory of how networks form, decay, and shape behavior at a general level, has had little influence on either applied theory or empirical work in this area."

  • The shadow scholar. Interesting "confession" by the guy who ghost writes papers for lazy students. (One solution is ten minute individual oral exams, which might not take that long when you consider grading time.) A response notes that this problem extends to other countries.

  • BP's oil spill did not harmlessly disperse. It's coating the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.

  • The Economist on... Age and happiness (older people are as happy as younger people, because they can accept the good parts of life and take the bad parts in stride), Migrant farm workers (few Americans REALLY want their jobs, and illegal status makes them miserable. A fair price for cheap food?), Ascension Island (humans added biodiversity to it; not much compensation for all the places that humans destroyed), remote monitoring of forests, and how technology will displace English as the common tongue.

  • "The US military is the worst polluter on the planet." Can Tea Partiers and environmentalists agree that reducing DoD's activities is a win-win?

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