15 Nov 2010

Water Disclosure Project

Grinzo notes that the WDP has just released a slew of figures on corporate "dependence" on water resources.

This project is supposed to help investors and governments assess water risk for companies, but it's driven decidedly from the outside and top down, not bottom up (investor demand) or inside (corporations). That may be fine, but is it just another cog in the water footprinting scam (disclose your footprint!)

And if so, what's the WDP doing for businesses and consumers? Seems to be another form of the CSR/greenwashing disclosurama -- akin to stakeholder/gender/MDG reports that NGOs demand of developing countries -- that merely distracts executive attention from running the business.

Bottom Line: If we price water for scarcity/sustainability, then we need only see the profit and loss report.

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