23 Nov 2010

Speed blogging

  • This 1993 report [pdf] discusses how "price regulation of water utilities has generated several forms of inefficiency. First, poorly designed rates misallocate water among different consumers and may result in insufficient revenues to cover costs. Second, the lack of incentives to minimize water-provision costs creates cost inefficiency. And third, scarce regulatory resources are wasted when the costs of regulation exceed the benefits."

  • Clean water for carbon credits is not a total scam, but it's certainly not the solution to poor water management corruption in developing countries or global warming.

  • "When Research Turns to Sludge: It’s not just corporate funding that creates conflicts of interest. Even government and nonprofit funding can have strings attached." An interesting case study of how corporations try to control research on pollutants and health risks in sewage sludge.

  • More crazy shit from China: "Local officials in China's arid northwest launched a new push for a vast water-diversion project that would pump raw seawater thousands of miles from the coast to the deserts of Xinjiang...to fill Xinjiang's dried-up salt lakes and desert basins in the hope that it will evaporate and encourage rainfall over drought-stricken areas of northern and northwestern China."

  • California is getting ready to monitor groundwater but "there are no penalties for failing to comply with reporting requirements." Useless.
HTs to JB, TM and DR