5 Nov 2010

The Rally was pretty sane

I had a great time at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear last Saturday.

Most people were polite and sane (almost like we were in Canada, eh?)
I suggest that you watch the Rally from 1 hr 32 minutes on CSPAN to hear about fear-mongering in politics and the media. Stewart said "hard times do not mean end times. We can do this if we work together." That sounded familiar because I wrote something similar in the preface to The End of Abundance:
The end of abundance means the end to a way of life, and the rules and habits connected to that life. It does not mean the end of life itself, nor a future of crisis, misery and destruction. The end of abundance merely means the beginning of scarcity, and the need to adopt rules and habits that reflect that scarcity.
Those in a hurry can watch the last 12 minutes, with Jon Stewart's speech on sanity.

Those who want to see spin and lies (seriously!) can watch the Fox news coverage.

Those who want to see the immoderate left should check out Reason TV's attempt to identify the center, and a funny display of Kenyan Keynesian geo-nomic ignorance.

Bottom Line: Most people are sane; some are awesome (watch it!)

H/t to WEH

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