2 Nov 2010

Poll results -- The politics of water

It's a voting day, after all...

There's a new poll (votes you regret?) on the right sidebar --->
I have participated in the politics of water...
...by lobbying on issues 24 votes
...by voting on an issue 28 votes
...by voting for a water manager 9 votes
...by voting for a director of a water agency 8 votes
....by voting for an agency politician (based on their water views) 16 votes
...by moving to a different constituency 6 votes
...by organizing my community 17 votes

These are very interesting answers, and I'd love to get more details from any of you (whether you completed the poll or not). Was your effort to influence policy successful? or not? What surprised you? What advice would you give to others who want to affect water policy?

Seems I only did the first and last, although my decision to move to Amsterdam* did have something to do with Dutch water policies being way better than policies in California (and a LOT to do with Anne).

Bottom Line: It's tough to improve things but no pain, no gain.
* Watch this space for future career/living location updates...