19 Nov 2010


The republicans are taking over committee chairs.

Wow, check out the new chair of the energy and commerce committee (via env-econ):

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Chair Apparent

Bottom Line: Un-fucking-believable.


  1. Actually, crazy as it sounds, the thing about exploiting wind energy slowing down the wind is true. This doesn't even require a study, only a very basic understanding of the first law of thermodynamics.

    I cannot imagine that we would (or could) exploit wind energy on a scale large enough to alter climate. On the other hand, if Al Gore can find a way to get rich from it, I'm sure a few climate scientists would be glad to come up with a model that predicts a climate catastrophe from too many wind turbines.

  2. You know, I am not usually a fan of sound bites that taken out of context can be strung together to give any perception. Thus, when he asked the stupid question about Alaskan oil, with which he had a smug smile going, I was more taken aback that he was publicly declaring himself an asshole. At the same time, he wastes our taxes in time and resources by asking a serious scientist a bullshit question that has no utility.

    Flag me down the next passing comet... I want off.


    (PS Hi Zet.)

  3. @robpublican -- but such slowing would be a second or third order effect, right? I'm no fanboy for wind power, but we've got to look at the net impacts...

    @BSF -- hey gadget! Maybe that comet *will* be the next Ark :)

  4. The daily increase in the ways America is screwing itself right now has ceased being shocking to me and is now simply a sad, even boring, reality. I'd suggest moving. I have.

  5. @dz,

    Calling slower winds a second order effect of wind power is like calling a larger budget a second order effect of subsidies. In physics, even more than economics, TANSTAAFL.
    Think about it this way. If we pull 1kJ of energy out of a wind turbine that operates at 100% efficiency there is one 1kJ less energy in the wind, i.e. slower wind. No amount of improvement in design will ever change that.

    Wind turbines operate WAY under 100% efficiency and second, third, etc order effects will be far greater than first order so I have to admit to being a bit facetious. Mostly, I just wanted an excuse to use "TANSTAAFL" in a sentence :)



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