9 Nov 2010

Need a well-driller in Latin America?

Charlie emails with this:
I have been working as a drill rig operator at a large, remote mine in Northwest Alaska for the past eighteen years. In about seven years I will retire. In 1976 I purchased my first drill rig in Oregon, a cable tool drill. I worked it for for five years in Northeast California (Modoc County) and Eastern Nevada, drilling domestic water wells for private citizens and windmill wells for Dept. of Interior Bureau of Land Management. Since that time I have been involved in many different types of drilling all across western US and Alaska. I presently live near Fairbanks, Alaska. Most of my time is spent here on a "four week on/ two week off" schedule.

For the past few years I have searched for an avenue to help bring water wells to people in need in Latin America. I am not interested in evangelism of any sort. I simply would like to help get water to people. I have never forgotten the amazement in people's eyes when they see clean clear water coming from below their feet on the dry ground they live on. Most of the projects/agencies I find, to some degree, seem to want to trade water wells for conversion to a church. I have no beef with churches... but I don't want to be involved in evangelism.* I lived near Guadalajara, Jalisco for three years in the mid eighties, and speak fairly good Spanish and read and write Spanish (poorly).


Most R&R weeks off are planned for home in Fairbanks with children and grandchildren, and/or visits to Texas with sisters and my father. Although, I could entertain short trips to help out with or look into projects or agencies for the future. My passport is up to date. While planning and saving for retirement personal travel funds are somewhat limited... My schedule is "etched in stone" and is reliable and easy to plan one week-ten day trips around.


For the past two years I have searched on a regular basis for projects that I can fit into. I will respond to all leads, and will be interested in participating in any project that we can locate that will fit my finances and present employment/retirement schedule.
So if you know of an organization that can use a very experienced volunteer driller to get water to people in Latin America, then email Charlie.
* I agree with Charlie on this one. Give water or give god, but don't force people to "believe" in your god in exchange for water.

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