1 Nov 2010

Good debate on water policies

Four people sent me this article summarizing comments by Bruce Babbitt (WWF), Peter Gleick (Pacific Institute), Gretchen McClain (ITT) and Sheila Olmstead (RFF).

Babbitt and Gleick were both too extreme in their views, but the overall debate on infrastructure, property rights, human rights, pricing and climate change covers a lot of stuff that we've seen here (check out the tags on the right sidebar for more).

Here's a good bottom line:
Babbitt said he had a foolproof solution to whet America’s appetite.

“Pricing,” he said. “I rest my case.”


  1. Good news! Spokane will be raising its rates from 85 cents per 100 CF to $1.35! Bad news, they're dropping my position because this solves the problem. I should have kept my big mouth shut.

  2. Liked this too:

    "If water were truly a private commodity — there were markets for it — ecosystems would be, pardon the technical term, screwed," [Gleick] said.

    Screwing the environment isn't just a passive by-product of ag and industry any longer, it's a "technical" undertaking. To do it right, companies and people really need to try...

    Yes, I'm being facetious here. I just like how "screwed" is a technical term in water studies now. I think I'll have to use that more in my own posts, no matter how serious and detailed.


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