27 Nov 2010

Flashback: 21 -- 27 Nov

These posts are STILL relevant! Read them and weep, or grok, or chortle...

Smile Bonus: China to US: "Stop fucking with us" (nothing changed there)

BEST: A fish here, a fish there. Who cares? Should we bother to preserve local ecosystems? In Fishermen vs. Fishermen, we look at the fight over scarce fish.

BEST: All about Blowing Bubbles in financial markets.

Policies & Procedures: a good thing or bad? Great guest post with insights on bureaucracy.

BEST: I was basically right that CC-deniers would abuse Climategate but leave the science intact.

Department of I told you so -- heavy water users complain when their bills rise. They expected a discount?

Academic Water Economists -- good news/bad news

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