20 Nov 2010

Flashback: 14 -- 20 Nov

These posts are STILL relevant! Read them and weep, or understand, or chortle...

Poseidon's Carlsbad project cost is $700 million, not the $350 million often reported in the press.

Entrepreneurs, brokers and liars -- an interesting case study of how "big profit opportunities" in the under-developed business of water attracts some irregular types.

BEST: How much do subsidies cost, anyway? A useful discussion of their dimensions (much of which went into my book)

BEST: THIS is how you get people to use less water -- measurement, feedback and competition.

Carbon Offsets = BS -- and they haven't been in the news recently. Is that because carbon and climate change topics are dead in the US?

BEST: Vegas charging more... to poor people -- typical rate structure favors rich people with big lawns. Speaking of Vegas, Kill the growth zombie! has more on the political impulse for sprawl.

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