6 Nov 2010

Flashback: 1 -- 6 Nov

These were relevant a year ago -- and still are...

Why are the Chinese intent on damming the Mekong? from my student and still relevant.

Low Cost of Living in the Co-ops aka, cost, meet benefit.

BEST: The Political Economy of Lobbying -- how I sold $1 for $3.75 to my students, and how lobbyists in Washington DC are also wasting lots of our money (even before we get silly laws). About 15,000 views of this short video so far. (Here's More on Lobbying and Rent-Seeking)

Poll Results -- Lawns in the Desert are not a human right, according to opinion.

Al Gore's Green Investments aka, who cares? Marketing is NOT corruption.

Why Chino Failed -- This time I am right :) -- can't sell water if there's no conveyance for delivery, following up on Chino Water Auction FAIL.

BEST: Subsidies and poverty go together -- end subsidies and make farmers and farm workers rich.

Poseidon's Desal Pricetag: $550 million maybe they should use a different power source? Like Nuclear? Yes, we need to talk...

BEST: Bringing Dynamism to Bureaucracy via term limits!

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