8 Nov 2010

Daylight savings sucks

The EU set clocks back last week. The US is doing so this week.

No "daylight" is saved with this rubbish (read this or this). The day still has 24 hrs, and the number of light hours has not changed.

It only inconveniences a HUGE number of people. (Arizona has it right.)

Unfortunately, Japan is thinking of adopting it, to "create 100,000 jobs." I reckon that most of those jobs are the delusion of macro-economists (who have tried to "stimulate" Japan with gimmicks for 20 years) or the result of people spending time adjusting clocks and schedules and taxis making emergency trips for people who are off schedule.

Bottom Line: Governments don't need to manipulate our behavior (for safety, jobs, etc.). They need to make it easier for people to be safe (better information) or hire people (easier regulation).