17 Nov 2010

Anything but water

  • In his 1959 paper [pdf], Armen Alchien discards the conventional economic perspective of profit maximization (and utility maximization) in describing how businesses make decisions, succeed and survive, i.e., "The economic counterparts of genetic heredity, mutations and natural selection are imitation, innovation, and positive profits." Useful, deep thoughts from a master.

  • Drop a nuclear bomb anywhere in the world and see the impact. A useful tool for peace -- or sociopaths.

  • My shaving brush gave up (in a way) after almost 20 years. I bought it for $4 in Turkey in 1991. They take shaving seriously there -- almost as seriously as built for work, not show.

  • British humour: Posh Nosh does paella

  • Life hacks -- a number of interesting suggestions.

  • A very cool dad makes his 4 y.o. son into a mini-DeadMau5 (electronic music warning)

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