20 Oct 2010

What I learned AFTER 40

A guest post from EF

I have learned so much after 40 that it is surprising that I made it to 40. I also realize that pre-40, I was probably insufferable--claiming to know things that I did not know.

Some of the big things post-40 are:
  1. If your boss is an idiot, there is a very good chance that his or her boss is also an idiot. Leave.

  2. People are more interesting and work differently than I thought they did.

  3. Narcissists and borderline personality disorder people are real, exist in high positions, and are dangerous.

  4. To be an expert in anything requires ten thousand hours of 'progressive practice' (Syed, "Bounce")

  5. Trusting others and delegating to others is scary but is required.

  6. Having a network of people who care about you is critical to health and happiness

  7. Microbrews are delicious

  8. Changing the direction of a bureaucracy is possible but tricky
Any old timers have more to add for us young 'uns?


  1. KD emails: "You're always given the next step. It only looks like a path when you look back."

  2. A variation on #2: People are never thinking what you think they are thinking. Nobody thinks or responds exactly as you do, so don't ever assume you know what others are thinking. And good red wine is delicious too!


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