28 Oct 2010

That 10:10 video on climate change

If you haven't seen it, I recommend it for an example of counter-productive, over-the-top, fear-mongering by righteous zealots who think that climate change skeptics should be... [watch the video, but expect splatter].*

This is a perfect example of 20/80 dynamics in action. Only 20 percent of people want to "do the right thing" (more like 90 percent here, but the makers of this video are trying to show holdouts as a minority of anti-social idiots), while 80 percent cannot be bothered.

My solution is not to shoot the 80 percent; it's to provide a useful incentive to do the right thing, i.e., by taxing GHGs or carbon or pollution. Higher prices make it easy for people to change their behavior, instead of having to pray in the right direction, as the 10:10 folks seem to think.

Bottom Line: The gentle art of persuasion works with facts and dialogue, not death threats to infidels.

* It's sad that these guys have stooped to the level of people who deny that climate change is happening because their gut (or a lobbyist) tells them so. Climate change is going to cause big problems.