11 Oct 2010

Speed blogging

Want to eat your cake and have it? Ecovea's shower system [pdf] will recirculate clean shower water while you drench yourself for 20 minutes. Dirty water is detected and allowed to drain. No idea of the cost, but nice idea from Canadians!

USGS: "Elevated concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus, nutrients that can negatively impact aquatic ecosystems and human health, have remained the same or increased in many streams and aquifers across the Nation since the early 1990’s"

National Geographic on the seafood crisis. Good article. I wonder about the accuracy of their whale-oil spill graphic.

PERC strikes again: "Three Columbia River fish species have been enlisted as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Millions of dollars have been invested by government agencies, boards and conservation groups in an attempt to boost fish populations, but they have failed." Instead, pay farmers to replace fruit trees with veggies, to restore the habitat for these fish.

An interesting discussion [PDF] of the human right to water, copied from LinkedIn

Hattips to WEH and SJ