12 Oct 2010

Poll results -- Water issues

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In my experience, water issues...
... are growing worse 38%31
... are kinda better, kinda worse 12%10
... are getting resolved 2%2
...will always be with us 27%22
... are so fun! Who wants resoluttion? 2%2
...give me job security 18%15

Besides the obvious (issues do give me job security), I think that these issues will always be with us, in the sense that humans are hardwired to push utilization to the extreme, to the edge, to live on the margin. That said, they may be getting worse, because people are failing to acknowledging that we are on (or past) the margin. It's only when the threat gets too big, or the pain too great, that they pull back.

So, dear readers, can you give me examples and ways to convince skeptics that water issues deserve attention and action? Without using "crisis" to scare them?

Bottom Line: Everyone has priorities. We have problems when our priorities do not match others'.


  1. Your bottom line reminds me of something that my old boss used to say about office politics. "The definition of an a**hole is someone who doesn't share your priorities."

  2. Pfffft. I'll call your bluff on not not using "crisis" and raise you to the tune of "80% of water resources beyond rescue by 2015"!


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