25 Oct 2010

My talks in DC this week

I will try to get AV recordings of all of these posted. If you can attend these, please do!

On 27 Oct (Wednesday) at CSIS, I will talk about "knowledge gaps in water management," (i.e., problems with quality, quantity and value) and point out how politics and bureaucracy have crippled efficient water management as the 9am keynote of a workshop that will last until 2pm. RSVP to Katryn Bowe at kbowe@csis.org if you want to attend. Here's the program, where there will be a link to streaming video.

On 28 Oct, I will talk about water policy and domestic agriculture at the Economic Research Service at the USDA and then talk about water policy and international agriculture at the International Food Policy Research Institute. These may be closed to outside audiences (email me). In both cases, I am going to ask a lot of questions about their propensity to avoid bad policies supported by politicians.

On 29 Oct at CEI, I'll give the opening remarks on "Water and oil can mix: the case for property rights in aquifers," a session that will last from 9 to 11am. RSVP to rsvp@cei.org if you want to attend.

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