22 Oct 2010

My talk on California water at Delft

I gave a talk ("Water policy failures in California") to a small group at Delft Technical University. About half the people were in engineering, the other half were in policy.

Delft is famous for its blue-patterned pottery (or garbage dumpsters?)

Here's an MP3 [10 MB] of my 54 minute talk (with questions).

Here are my slides [PDF]

And here are some tourist photos of the main church on the market square (left) and a swan begging for food (right)


  1. Great, don't know if you advertised your talk in advance, but I'd be happy to know when you talk again in the Netherlands.


  2. @Johannes -- oh, sorry. I am a bit here are there on these talks. I am trying to get one at Wageningen, so pull strings if you know anyone there. Amsterdam (VU or UvA) would be great.


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