5 Oct 2010

How to pick a phone number

Today is 10-5-10 or 5-10-10, so this is appropriate* :)

So here's the task: You want to pick a number that's easy to remember.

There are different ways to do this:
  • repeating pattern, e.g., 555-1212 in the movies
  • related numbers, e.g., 455-4656 (my new number), which is (4 = n): n n+1 n+1 – n n+2 n+1 n+2
  • familiar numbers, e.g, 451-1812 (Farenheit 451 – War of 1812)
  • word-to-number mapping, e.g, 981-HUGH for my dad
  • did I miss any?
What's the best method to pick a number?

What's your favorite number?

* I was thinking of titling this post "numeric algorithms," but we're interested in keeping, not scaring, readers.