30 Oct 2010

Flashback: 25 -- 31 Oct

These were relevant a year ago -- and still are...

Meters matter and smart automation matters more -- if you care about reducing water demand...

"Cash for Clunkers" -- Clunk or Slam Dunk? aka total pork, total waste

Peter Gleick on Peak Water, a concept that's not relevant to me (or Damian)

BEST: Stupid comments reflect dubious perception -- where I smackdown a bigoted comment made towards one of my students (including Tienanmen's Tankman for context!)

Mismanage oil, mismanage water -- Venezuela is still going into the toilet.

What would you do with your $500,000? An interesting student post on the opportunity costs of different school choices...

BEST: Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists... -- My plea to several prominent economists. Not sure that any of us got through on the need for cleaner markets, but it's a good application of Economics for reality or theory? Can academics be relevant? Depends if they get the word out. In Say Everything -- The Review, we look into the origin of blogging and how it's going to matter more to academics. Prophet of Innovation -- The Review is about Schumpeter, the man who helped us love creative destruction, something that we need more of.

BEST: Do we still need diamonds as the symbol of love? Another great student post, which should be read with For sale: slightly worn balls

Schwarzenegger flips off the legislature -- AWESOME.

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