23 Oct 2010

Flashback: 18 -- 24 Oct

These were relevant a year ago -- and still are...

Who Suffers More During a Recession? (poor people, not Greg Mankiw)

How property rights can save the environment -- are enviros using all the tools available?

3,300 Bed, 1,500 Bath Bayfront Property with Fenced Yard and KILLER Views -- a great [student] post on how the government ignores opportunity costs.

Pat Mulroy's Hypocrisy "Sacrifice" means yours, not hers.

BEST: Changing Behavior without Punishing It -- another tax and rebate idea to incentivize behavior without subsidizing silly spending.

BEST: Economics FAIL -- one of the worst examples of academic short-sightedness among recent PhDs. A good way to understand how they also screw up policies.

The Legacy of AB32 -- Meg Whitman was saying she would suspend it one year ago. Now?

BEST: Huffman: We don't need stronger property rights for water -- HUGE mistake I

Temperance Flat Economics -- HUGE mistake II

Speaking of HUGE mistakes, read Cover-up or housekeeping? and tell me if California's Department of Water Resources is [insert euphemism for waste of space].

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